A fancy jacket is destroying on Kickstarter!

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kickstarter jacket campaign

A jacket campaign barely out of the gates has already blown away every other fashion campaign ever launched on the crowdfunding site. The jackets which look a little too go-go gadget for my taste, seem to be what the Kickstarter crowd wants because there is still 38 days to go and the $10,000 goal is now working toward a $3 million dollar payday. As a designer myself, this type of response seems unbelievable! However, I have never put a stylus, a blanket, a drink pocket and a neck pillow in my jackets. Surely, that’s got to be the thing here because most clothing offerings on kickstarter offer a number of unique features as part of the design. But they don’t offer every conceivable use bundled into 4 styles of jackets. Hopefully the team behind this project is able to fulfill the volume of orders…and hopefully these jackets are everything they are hyped up to be.  To check out the project go here.


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