Bad Design, Bad Management and Arrogance all in one Kickstarter Project.

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Nothing says yoga more than being plugged into your iphone during your pranayamas…

Is it me or is asking for a minimum of $300,000 for an iphone case to make up for Apple’s bad design decisions a sort of slap in the face to consumers? Maybe that’s harsh? Or maybe if you knew you that guy asking for it has already raised around $40 million on Kickstarter for the Pebble watch, which he tanked, then sold…you might think it a tad more arrogant? The kicker for me is that thousands of trusting souls bought Pebble watches that are now worthless and now..well..hey, sorry..or not, but please buy an iphone case because the $27 million dollars he got from selling off Pebble isn’t enough to help him fund this idea. He wants you to take all the risk again. I am not even sure I want to put a link here.

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