Dragons Den Update

Dragons Den Update
Where do I start?
CBC Dragons Den is a nerve wrecking experience. Yes, I mean nerve "wrecking". If you are not prepared for the bright lights, being on the spot and the "live beat down" from the Dragons you can literally get burned on live TV.
The first time I went on Dragons Den to promote Modrobes I thought "I got this" I've spoken in front of 400 people, made a number of TV appearances and have never had a problem public speaking. I hit Dragons Den, took one look at Kevin O'Leary and couldn't even pronounce my name. Lucky for me they edited out that part and made me look pretty good.
But I still remembered the embarrassment I felt for years afterward.
So this time, for the jean hanger, it was going to be different. I practiced my opening lines and presentation for days before. I rehearsed the entire presentation to other pitchers backstage before I went on. Then I jumped up and down and got myself pumped up and went out there...nailed it and picked the wrong Dragon. The deal fell apart immediately afterward because..well..it was too good to be true. Maybe realizing that he got too excited, or was "hung over"(seriously he didn't take off his sunglasses indoors?) when he made the offer, Michael Wekerle, disappeared during the first negotiation (yes, they wouldn't let me speak to him at all) and was replaced by a 20 year old "negotiator" and a new royalty deal with not a hint of a "signing bonus". It was all a show after all. So much for the "on air" generosity.
However, I should have known this and taken Jim's offer but the bright lights and the "signing bonus" temporarily blinded me. By the time I got backstage I was already asking myself.."ah, is this deal going to actually happen?"
Not even close.
So it goes.
The jean hanger is selling well and more really functional products are coming! Oh, and there is a better deal out there waiting...I can feel it.
Steven Sal Debus

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