The Relaxation Hoodie

The Relaxation Hoodie

I came across the Relaxation Hoody and liked the idea. As someone who can sleep almost anywhere it would be nice to be able to block out the light a little easier when I'm trying to caught a few z's.

The visor is see through and the pink color is supposed to make you relax; so says science. Below is a view from inside the pink version of the hoody.

The hoody also comes with a downloadable soundtrack and internal headphone loops and phone pocket. I also like the breathing holes.

Even the pockets are designed to help you relax as they are positioned in a way that you are literally hugging yourself.

The fabric is water repellent and the zippers are water proof. It's also insulated for warmth.

There is a lot of attention to detail in this hoody and that's what gives it the steep price of $295. The real question is what is the cost of drowsiness?

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