Volcanxx; temperature regulaton clothing that works for all seasons.

Volcanxx; temperature regulaton clothing that works for all seasons.

Hello there! My name Steven Sal Debus. I am a designer and entrepreneur. Recently, COVID killed my income, and my back, so before I went completely broke, and crippled, I decided to launch a fabric that I've been working on for the past few years...and yes, I used my CERB money to do it; thank you Canadian government!

What is this big idea? It's temperature regulation clothing made with volcanic sand particles...and it works better than anything I've ever experienced at keeping me more comfortable in hot and cold circumstances; plus I stay dry, sweat less and smell better!

Since I started snowboarding in 1987 I have always been looking for a better version of polyester and wool shirts to wear while I'm sweating or freezing. Well, it over took 23 years to find it! I was talking to the founder of North Face at an apparel conference a few years ago about the newest innovations in fabric and he told me to check out volcanic sand. So I searched and persuaded, yelled and begged. I have been looking for the ultimate fabric that could keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold and still be super comfortable for everyday wear. Imagine taking your best wool shirt and your best wicking shirt, making them each perform 30% better and then turning it into one fabric that you could wear all year round. Done. I've added in a few other key ingredients to ramp up the comfort, durability and style and named it Volcanxx®. The campaign launched last week and it’s make or break time. But it's worth the risk. This is such a great product I felt I had to do it.  If you want to get your hands on these amazing tees and help a starving entrepreneur just go here: Volcanxx


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