DUER performance denim better than Levi’s Commuter jean

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Ok, I have to admit I own 5 pairs of Levi’s Commuter jeans. If you are familiar with the Commuter series from Levi’s you’ll know why I have so many of these jeans. For those of you who are not familiar, it’s because they have some stretch, some water repellency, a few extra details like a double reinforced crotch and a dark/raw/rinse look and a slim fit. Overall, they are a pretty good attempt at denim for someone who cycles a lot and they don’t make you look like a “gearhead”. I can actually go to a meeting with my banker and not feel underdressed. I had sworn off jeans for years because they just didn’t work for an active lifestyle.
However, I do more than cycle in my jeans. I run up stairs, I play bike polo, hike, climb, work, fix and do almost any given activity during the day in jeans. So when I got the opportunity to build a line of mens jeans with someone who an expert in denim we decided to make jeans that would be good for every activity you might do on any given day. Below is how we bested then Levi’s Commuter in a number of key areas.

Stretch: The levi’s Commuter just doesn’t have enough stretch…anywhere. I want and needed more so we created denim that has 5 times the stretch of regular denim and at least twice the stretch of the Levi’s denim.

Moisture wicking not water reppelent: The biggest irritation for me in the Levi’s Commuter was the Nanosphere water repellent treatment which basically made the jeans not breathable and really hot..so hot that I tried to wash out the treatment right away. The DUER performance denim is moisture wicking and not water repellent so you can get wet, by rain or by sweating, but you are going to dry faster because the fabric wicks and is more breathable. The end result is you’ll be more comfortable.

Lightweight: Levi’s Commuters are approximately 11 oz. denim. The DUER denim is 9.5 oz. Our denim is lighter because it has 28% Coolmax®; which is lighter than cotton. Coolmax® is also more durable than cotton so the jeans will be lighter yet stronger.

Gimmicks: Levi’s Commuters have reflective binding sewn into the hem, a ulock holder strap and a reinforced crotch gusset. Duer has no reflective binding because we believe that the extra reflectivity that you get on your ankle is basically useless. Put lights and reflective tape on your and pedals if you really want to. I don’t know too many guys who don’t wear a belt so the u lock holder that is positioned underneath my belt does nothing for me. lastly, the reinforced crotch are was a great idea. Levi’s Commuter jeans are 98% cotton. Cotton will wear out fast. Our denim has 28% Coolmax polyester woven horizontally through the denim so we don’t need the reinforced gusset. However, we did add a seat gusset for a more comfort.

The Bonus: The big extra(and some may call it a gimmick) we added was radiation shield pocketing. My cell phone heats up and I am super concerned that this is bad for private parts that are only inches away from this radiation emitting device. Call it the better safe than sorry pocket but I am quite happy to have it as part of the Duer denim package.

Overall comparison:

Levi’s: I have to give Levi’s credit. They are a massive denim company that didn’t have to make a cycling specific jean. But they did and it is pretty good. And without them we wouldn’t have known how to make a better jean.

Du/er: This performance denim goes beyond cycling and is intended for any recreational activity. It is lighter, stronger, more flexible and more breathable than the Levi’s Commuter jean. DUERdenim.com

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