How to make your Kickstarter campaign go viral…

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I have attempted 3 crowdfunding campaigns in the past few years. The first campaign raised $8000 and failed. I didn’t actually do any work besides launching the campaign so when I didn’t accomplish the $30,000 goal I wasn’t really surprised. It was a test. The next 2 campaigns doubled our goals and raised just over $90,000 together. The key to making the goals seemed to be hard work; hard work promoting the projects to friends and our networks. We also spent a good amount of money on digital advertising; something that a lot of crowdfunders are loathe to admit. It works. There is a reason companies have marketing departments. Going viral is a different story altogether. Going viral is the holy grail of crowdfunding and not just anyone is going to get to drink from that cup.  You have to pitch an idea or product that is truly original, unique, strange and perhaps technically superior and released earlier than say, the Apple watch…nice one Pebble! This article lays out some of the key elements of how or why some kickstarter projects go viral. Going Viral. Hope it helps.


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