The Million Dollar Kickstarter Idea: Do you have it?

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My goals in life are pretty simple; have fun make a little money.  However, my definition of fun might be different from most others because it typically involves doing something risky, new and challenging.  That’s probably why I’m an entrepreneur and even more so why I enjoy crowdfunding projects.  Every crowdfunding project is like launching a new business in very short time frame. You only have so much time to get it right and if you don’t you risk a very public failure.  This can scare people. They might not think this is fun but they have great ideas that could be worth thousands or even millions. So in an effort to help myself have fun and someone else realize a dream, start a business or launch an idea I’ve created a Kickstarter Revenue Estimator: a simple 12 question checklist that will give you an indication of what you might raise on Kickstarter with your product or idea. It’s still in the testing phase so when you fill it out you’ll have to wait for your response.

To find out what your idea might be worth go here.


Steven Sal Debus

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