About us

Saldebus jean hanger, denim hanger


As a designer I have spent my life creating functional apparel and products. When I started working for a jean maker I realized that standard pant hangers were not functional. I also wanted to save energy, and not shrink or damage my jeans by putting them in a clothes dryer. So I decided to design a solution that would be simple, long lasting and effective. 

Save your jeans!

The Problem:

Jeans have been around for over 100 years and yet there is no good way to hang or dry them. Yes, isn't that crazy? Folding your jeans causes wrinkles and creases. Drying your jeans in a clothes dryer not only shrinks your jeans but damages the denim over time. Using drying racks to dry your jeans is way too time consuming. Standard clip pant hangers take too much time to use, don't work properly, break easily and they can damage your jeans.

The Solution:

A jean hanger that delicately holds your jeans, is easy to use, never creates wrinkles or creases and also helps dry your jeans; all at the same time.