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Imagine a place where you could pre-sell your idea before you spend huge amounts of money to see if people like it? Well, that's crowdfunding!

Do you have a great product or business idea? Is crowdfunding the answer or should you choose other options to launch your future business?

Crowdfunding is a great gift to creators but it is getting harder every day. There are numerous ways to succeed and even more ways to fail. With 12 crowdfunding campaigns and over $1 million dollars raised, Steven has a formula for crowdfunding that works. If you are looking to raise money with an innovative product or idea then he can help you make the most from your campaign.

Steven Sal Debus built a multi million dollar business before he was 30 years old and since then has advised and helped launch numerous brands and startups. He has also run multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Highlighted Projects:

Modrobes $40,000-2 week campaign-Under $1000 in ad spend.

Volcanxx $110,000-Summer 2020 Covid Campaign

Jean Hanger $125,000-Fun Side Project

DU/ER-$700,000 over 4 campaigns

You’ll learn what makes a great crowdfunding idea, how to build your crowd and a step by step guide on how to develop a promotional plan that gets results. 

You’ll also learn the Do’s and Don’ts of crowdfunding so you can avoid the pitfalls and marketing scams that accompany any jump into the crowdfunding realm.

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Idea Instigator:

Cost: $150/hr

You will spend a 1 hour discussing your idea with Steven to determine the steps needed to be taken to launch the idea into the real world, whether that is through Kickstarter or other means.

This process involves a step by step question period to determine the market value of the idea as determined by a specific set of performance indicators developed by Steven for projects.

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Kickstart Consult

Cost: $500

This is pre booked block of 5 hours of coaching for creators looking for guidance through key phases of launch planning for Kickstarter.


Perfecting The idea Questionnaire

The 5 Steps to Success Kickstarter Plan Review


Kickstart Adviser

Cost: $1000

There is only so much you can cover in 1-5 hours. Steven will spend 10 hours with the client to fully detail a strategy for success on Kickstarter.  These sessions will focus on 3 key components 1)Product and Sell 2)Pre Launch 3) In Campaign


Kickstarter Campaign Coach

Cost: $2500

Steven will work with the creator to build a Comprehensive Kickstarter Strategy and help create, develop and guide the creator during the Kickstarter campaign. Steven will spend 10 hours with client creating the campaign strategy and advising during the first 2 weeks of the campaign.


Kickstarter Campaign Achiever

Cost: $5000

Steven will work with the client to create, implement and oversee all aspects of the Kickstarter campaign. Approx 50-60 hours. Contact Steven for more details.

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