The Fist of Karma

Over the last 15 years I have been writing a novel. I put the first 3 chapters in an audio format for you to listen to. I would love to hear some feedback. Is the story line interesting? Does it suck? Love to hear any comments, advice or suggestions.



Adam Coulomb was a video game making genius and now he is bankrupt and sleeping on a warehouse floor. On the way to an interview he gets in a fight with a bike courier. The courier is sent to the hospital and Adam is tasked with returning the man’s courier bag to him. He opens the bag and finds a hard drive and a strange coin. Immediately people are attacking him wherever he goes. Will he figure out what’s happening and why before he is killed? An ancient death curse, artificial intelligence, a para military organization and vengeful businessman all converge in this tale of loss, greed and one man’s search for purpose.

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