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Save time. Save space. Save energy.

The Jean Hanger is a one solid piece of beech wood with no moving parts. Therefore it will not be prone to breaking like other pant hangers. The hanger is .5 inches wide so it is very sturdy. As well, the hook is is screwed into the wood so that it is secure. If the hook ever breaks, which is highly unlikely, it can be easily replaced (by me) without having to throw away the essential wood component.


The jean hanger fits a 22 inch waist to a 44 inch waist jean or pant.

Design Details: 

1) Easy to use.

2) No more creases or wrinkles from folding.

3) Fits on all jeans or pants with standard belt loops

4) Easy solution for drying jeans

5) No moving parts

6) Lasts a lifetime