The Freedrum: next level air drums?

Freedrum The drumsticks that play air drums. The Pitch: a drum kits take up a lot of space and makes a lot of noise. The Freedrum is a virtual drum […]

The No Sweat Pant on Kickstarter

This is my latest crowdfunding project on the Kickstarter platform for Dish and Duer. We hit our goal on the first day. The fabric is a break through for natural […]

The Smart Phone for Lazy People.

Robin. Here we go. Yet another smart phone start up offering to outcool Apple’s Iphone. This time they are offering OOh Awh trumpets please…”cloud based storage”. For those of you […]

A fancy jacket is destroying on Kickstarter!

A jacket campaign barely out of the gates has already blown away every other fashion campaign ever launched on the crowdfunding site. The jackets which look a little too go-go […]