The Freedrum: next level air drums?

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Freedrum The drumsticks that play air drums.

The Pitch: a drum kits take up a lot of space and makes a lot of noise. The Freedrum is a virtual drum kit that attaches to drumsticks

Is the idea good?  As a drummer, I already own an electronic kit and I use headphones to make it relatively noiseless. Plus there are numerous drum machines available that also use headphones but you can’t really play them like a real drumset. Having said that the freedrums don’t seem like they could replace the “real kit” feel.  The big advantage is they take up very little space; in fact none..except on your drumsticks.

The creator said he made it for his kid. Great! It seems like more of a kids toy than a serious practice idea.  Plus there is some programming required so your kid better know his tech or be motivated. Oh, you also need an Iphone or Ipad to hook it up. No Android functionality…minus points.

It looks pretty dicey, easily breakable and potentially not very accurate but lets trust the is crowdfunding after all.

At $169(4 units) to actually feel like you are playing a real drum kit it’s a little on the steep side..if you got in early and bought 2 early birds you’d spend $120. But will the high hat function..I’m doubtful.

The creator is working with an experienced design company so that gives me some hope he’ll deliver the product.

Delivery. I estimated a late December 2016 delivery.

At the end of the day, it’s a Dad making something fun for his son so it’s a respectably genuine project. Kudos.


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