The Jean Hanger has launched!

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back-hanger-final copy

Just in case you didn’t get the memo I recently launched my latest design idea on Kickstarter: The Jean Hanger

This is a special moment in my design career because before this moment nobody had designed even a good jean hanger. Seriously, 143 years of jeans and nobody had thought to design a hanger for jeans? (Note: it also works as a pant hanger.)

I was hired by a jean company 2 years ago to help them add technical performance to their jeans. We revitalized the women’s line and created a new men’s line with some amazing garments. You can see the products here: Dish&Duer.  Along the way I collected a lot of jeans and my shelves started to overflow. Then I noticed that 1) I didn’t use any of the standard clippy hangers we use in the industry to hang my jeans and 2) washing, sorting, folding, storing and finding my jeans became a serious problem. So I decided to solve the problem. A year later and I have a new product and a new business.

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