Kickstart Your Business.

Steven Sal Debus graduated from business school and built a multi million dollar business before he was 30 years old.  Since then he has helped launch numerous brands and startups. He is an award winning entrepreneur, successful CBC Dragons Den pitchman and has been featured in post secondary business textbooks across Canada.

In the last 5 years Steven has managed multiple successful crowdfunding campaigns on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo and raised over $1 million.

Kickstart Workshops

The Kickstart Your BusinessWorkshops:

Whether it's crowdfunding or a business launch Steven has condensed your start up or campaign into a 5 Step Plan for Success.

What you'll learn:

Know if you idea or business will work before you sink your hard earned money into it.

Figure out how much you could raise in a crowdfunding campaign.

Find your audience. Figure out if and why they want your product or service.

Transform your marketing to bring the maximum amount possible.

Build a process that you can use in a campaign and in the real world when you launch your business.

New workshops starting in 2020.